Reasons For False Alarms Generated By Walk Through Security Gates

- Dec 04, 2018-


1. It is too close to a large-area metal wall or the metal wall is shaken. When installing, try to stay away from large-area metal objects and metal doors that are often opened and closed.

2. There is a large moving metal near the security door when working, such as: pulling the trailer from the side

3, high-speed motor equipment, such as: fans, generators, etc.

4. Factors such as wind or ground vibration that can cause the security gate to sway

5, high-power distribution box, high-voltage line, etc.

6, away from frequency conversion equipment: such as inverter air conditioners, walkie-talkies, etc.

7. Mobile signal transmitting base station, try to stay away from such transmitting equipment before installation.

8, can generate electromagnetic wave equipment

9. Sometimes the voltage is abnormal and it will cause frequent false alarms. The power supply of the security gate should be separated from the power supply of other equipment.

10. The sensitivity is too high. If the influence of the surrounding environment is excluded, the sensitivity can be lowered first to see if the false alarm rate is lowered.

11. Fluorescent lamp with old-fashioned electronic filler

12, electronic computer and peripheral equipment, video monitor