Purchase Reference Of Full High Gate Entrance Control

- Mar 23, 2018-

Purchase reference of full high gate entrance control


In some specific locations, such as some special passageways of the station, the general gate can't meet the requirements of security. At this time, we will use the full high gate access control. What should we pay attention to when we choose the full gate? With the following Suzhou Altium technology for many years R & D experience full high gate production some suggestions to buy.


The full high gate entrance guard needs to have the consolidated impact resistance: the rotary bar and the peripheral guardrail need to be consolidated and can accept the great damage. This is the foundation of security.


The biggest concern of all high switch gate is that the passengers are locked in the gate, and can not go in or out. Such conditions must be avoided in any situation (such as sudden power outage), and these factors should be considered when planning is started.


The full height turnstile gate has large weight, large inertia and no vibration when the arm is in place to avoid unnecessary damage to the audience.


The reliability of the brake machine is based on the reliability of the various parts of the brake and the integration method. The selection of good quality components is fundamental, such as card reader, manipulator, display and so on; the integration method mainly depends on the planning and selection of the control unit and the communication method. The availability of lightning protection components is also related to the reliability of the equipment.


The barcode reader contact surface glass made of quartz glass bar code reader above must select the organic glass transparent, low cost, easy processing and device, but repeatedly brush votes, the glass will be rough, affect the barcode reading speed and accuracy, so it must choose quartz glass for wear;


The speed of checking the ticket is the main goal for the large flow of all high gate. The speed of ticket inspection depends on the control method of the gate, the method of communication and networking, the software for processing the ticket, and the speed of the mechanical action. Usually, the response speed of the brake is within 500ms.