Purchase Notice Of Door Control Controller

- Mar 22, 2018-

Purchase notice of door control controller


Door control controllers are now popular. It is used primarily in the center of the access control system, like the same engine in a car. The function of the access control controller directly affects the stability of the entrance guard system, and the stability of the system directly affects the life of the customers and the safety of the industry. Here is a look at where the door control controller needs to be paid attention to.


There are a lot of commodity control goods on the market in our country, and the function is different, but the quality is uneven. Therefore, the selection of goods is particularly important for the engineer. So how do you choose a high quality door control controller?

One, anti dead machine design

The door control controller dies like a car engine. No matter the function of the controller is strong, if the machine is dead, the manipulator can not work, and any function can not be displayed. If we fail in use, it means that the area controlled by the controller can not be in balance, or even cause serious security risks and immeasurable loss.

Two, the capacity of the relay

The output of the door control controller is controlled by a relay. During the operation of the manipulator, the relay should open and close frequently, and there is an instantaneous current passing through each time. If the relay is too small, the instantaneous current may exceed the capacity of the relay and will soon damage the relay. Usually the relay capacity should be more than 3 times higher than the peak current of electric lock.

Three. Maintenance of the manipulator

The operating voltage of the entrance control controller is usually 5 volts, and if the voltage exceeds 5 volts, the device will be damaged and the manipulator can not operate. This requires that all input and output ports of the manipulator have dynamic voltage maintenance to prevent the external large voltage from being loaded onto the manipulator and damage the components.

Four. The adaptive function of the front-end input device

Because different users, different use of the door prohibition system input device requests different. This requires the access control controller to be compatible with a variety of front end input devices (for example, supporting Wiegand26Bit, Wiegand32Bit, Wiegand27Bit, ABA (second track), object recognition skills, fingerprint recognition skills, inductive IC card, secret code keyboard, watermark magnetic card and so on. And it can automatically check the input front end.

Five. The dependability of managing software

A high quality door control system requires not only a high quality manipulator, but also a management software support that is highly fault-tolerant.


Six. After service, two aspects should be included.

The first is the intact skills support system, including the skills support that can provide localized pre-sale support and after-sale skills, and the two is the strong follow-up development ability, so as to ensure the continuity and progressiveness of the products.

Seven. Quality certification

The sales of access control system and its system in our country must go through the "type inspection" of the Ministry of public security's safety and police electronic commodity inspection base (not authorized inspection), and the software should be inspected by the software evaluation base of our country. The production should be produced by a professional electronic producer with ISO9000 certification, especially for military enterprises.

Eight. Quotation

The experience of IT industry tells us a truth: a powerful enterprise must have talent to provide high quality goods with quoting advantages to meet the needs of customers, and at the same time, it can ensure that the engineering business can get a reasonable profit margin.