Pump Pressure Metal Detector For Sauce

- Jul 16, 2019-

Pump-pressure  sauce metal detector is specially designed for the detection and separation of metal foreign bodies in pump-pressure fluid and semi-fluid products. It can effectively protect post-stage equipment, reduce downtime and maintenance time, save maintenance costs and improve production efficiency. It is suitable for liquid and paste transported through pipelines, such as meat paste, tomato paste and hot chocolate. Products such as pulp, soup, filling, colloid, etc.



1. Balanced coil design, using full digital system, high detection accuracy and good stability.

2. Compact mechanical mechanism design, occupying small space, easy to integrate.

3. Through the clamp connection, it can be installed in any existing pipeline system, which is convenient and fast.

4. Food grade pipes, and temperature and pressure resistance.

5. Built-in quick removal mechanism, combined with efficient and accurate automatic removal control system, can reduce material loss.

6. The simple structure design of SUS304 stainless steel is hygienic, easy to clean and corrosion resistant, which meets the requirements of HACCP and FDA.

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