Pulse Underground Metal Detector On The Market

- Nov 22, 2019-

Pulse underground metal detector on the market

In recent years, the sales of pulse metal detectors are booming in China. Most people in China know that the pulse detector has good effect and deep detection, which is the star machine in the underground detector sales industry.

From a few years ago, the underground metal detector was first introduced into China by Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and it quickly occupied the market with the advantages of large depth, stable signal, simple operation and excellent workmanship.

The underground metal detector is made of advanced technology. It has the characteristics of wide detection, strong resolution and easy operation. Metal detector is mainly used to detect and identify buried metal objects, so how does it work?

There are usually two copper windings inside the coil. When the current flows from the battery to one of the windings, the generated electromagnetic field is directed to the ground, so this winding is usually called the emission winding. Metal objects have conductivity and can make electromagnetic field change. The change of electromagnetic field caused by the appearance of metal objects is picked up by the second winding in the coil, so this winding is called receiving winding.

1: deeper detection depth.

2: both models adopt high-performance electronic components at the same time, and the long-life design scheme greatly reduces the failure rate of the instrument.

3: more convenient operation. The use of fool operation makes it easy for customers without detection experience.

4: better stability.

5: it is resistant to external radio wave interference and can be used normally under 10000 v high voltage line. As we all know, the problem that the underground metal detector can't be used under the high voltage line is that it can't be used until now. At present, all detectors on the market cannot work normally due to the strong magnetic field signal of the high-voltage line. Some machines with poor anti-interference ability begin to be interfered greatly even when they are a certain distance from the high-voltage line, so that the detection cannot be carried out normally. After years of research and research, the new-type totem underground metal detector has finally solved the problem of interference under high pressure. This is a new breakthrough in the industry, and a great blessing for all of you who like to detect!