Professional Metal Detector Manufacturer Used In The Fruit And Vegetable Industry

- Mar 03, 2021-

Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of metal detectors. It produces metal detectors for fruits, vegetables, edible fungi, beans, nuts and seed foods with superior performance and reasonable prices. Popular by the majority of users. The following editor briefly explains the detection characteristics of products in this type of industry:

Overview: Fruit and vegetable processing is processed through various processing techniques, which is the purpose of long-term preservation of fruits and vegetables and ready access to them. In the process of processing, it is possible to maintain its nutritional content and improve its edible value; the types of initial processing of edible fungi include salted, boiled, quick-frozen, dried, freeze-dried, and puffed mushrooms, seasoned mushrooms, pasta and cakes, etc. Soy products mostly use soybeans, mung beans, peas, broad beans and other beans as the main raw materials for processing, and processed foods. Most of the soy products are tofu and re-products coagulated from soybean milk. Nuts and seeds are mainly used to manually or mechanically remove the shell of the fruit to make national kernels, such as peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Application solution analysis:

1. Dehydrated vegetables: divided into two types: dried vegetables and frozen vegetables. According to customer site conditions, online metal detectors can be used, or they can be tested after the vegetables are processed and packaged. The size of the testing channel is determined according to the size of the product being tested. The choice of working frequency is also selected according to the characteristics of the product. If it is a production line, an automatic rejection device can also be selected to provide production efficiency;

2. Quick-frozen vegetables: divided into vertical freezing and block freezing, the detection accuracy of block freezing is better, and the detection effect of standing freezing is poor due to poor uniformity. For the Yingfeng brand metal detector, the effect of general quick-freezing of vegetables is still possible, and the freezing is not too much, so the product effect is not very large when used, and the impact on the detection is not large;

3. Canned fruits and vegetables and fruit and vegetable juices: glass cans can be detected before being capped and can be detected with a metal detector, but after capping or metal cans can not be detected, juices can be detected with a fluid metal detector;

4. Soy products: Dried soy products such as yuba, soy protein and other products have little effect and generally get better detection results. Wet soy products such as tofu, dried tofu, fermented bean curd, bean paste, etc. are due to moisture and salt in the product. , There is a certain degree of conductivity, the product effect is large, and the interference to metal detection is large, and the effect is not very good. The detection in the frozen state is still possible, but if it is at room temperature or high temperature, it will not work. However, soy protein powder is a food additive, and the detection accuracy is high. The powder product detection can use a free fall detection detection machine, if it is a large package detection , There can be a horizontal metal detector.

5. Nuts and seeds: divided into bulk material inspection and packaging inspection. If it is bulk material inspection, it can be equipped with an online metal detector or an integrated machine in the middle or the end of the production process. It can be equipped with an automatic rejection device to improve production efficiency. The details are determined according to the site conditions; and the packaging inspection generally uses an integrated machine for metal inspection, and the size is customized according to the requirements.


The equipment of Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. adopts the most advanced German technology with superior performance and can adapt to different characteristics and forms of product testing. We have been engaged in the metal testing industry for more than 10 years and have our own technical team and brand. Moreover, the pre-sales and after-sales service is very professional, and the price of the metal detector is favorable. Therefore, to choose a reliable metal detection equipment manufacturer, Nantong Yingfeng Manufactory is definitely a good choice!