Professional Metal Detector Manufacturer In Tea Industry

- Jun 06, 2019-

As we all know, after China's accession to the WTO, tea importing countries have raised non-tariff barriers one after another, and put forward almost strict requirements for tea hygiene. The content of foreign inclusions in tea directly affects the quality of tea. Today, we want to know what foreign substances will be mixed in the process of tea processing.


There are many kinds of foreign species mixed in tea, such as human and animal hair, insects such as flies, mosquitoes, metal such as screw, cigarette butts, glass fragments, etc. Today we will focus on the causes of metal foreign bodies and solutions.

Metal foreign bodies generally come from fish processing equipment, such as improper maintenance and use of equipment, or poor hygiene of equipment, resulting in the mixing of metal foreign bodies in the processing process, such as killing green, mixing embroidery pieces and screw when baking, and also from personnel operation, because of improper operation, resulting in the mixing of foreign impurities, such as lighters, watches and so on. We all know that metal foreign bodies have an impact on human health, but also on the brand building of tea producers and the public's recognition of brand change, so it is necessary to prevent and control them.

Suzhou Otten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional metal detector manufacturer, metal detector manufacturer, metal detector manufacturer, etc. We tailor-made tea professional metal detector for the characteristics of the tea industry. Because the tea contains a certain amount of metal elements, trace metals are a supplement to human body, but in the process of metal detection, certain materials will be produced. Effectiveness, Otten Metal Detector is equipped with automatic phase adjustment function. It can set appropriate working frequency and eliminate material effects according to the specific characteristics of tea. A special tea metal detector is designed. After market testing, it has been recognized and praised by customers. It is now widely used in the tea industry.