Product Characteristics Of The New Metal Separator

- Mar 10, 2021-

Product model: AT2005D metal separator

Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of machines, appliances, testing equipment, and separation equipment. The high-precision, intelligent and personalized design product development strategy and quality concept equate the AT brand with the best technology, best quality and best service in the global metal detection industry application field.


Product Features

1. Powerful function, can work continuously for 24 hours, automatic learning function, Siemens control panel

2. It has a product compensation effect. Different products have different frequencies. For example, some products contain water, blood, oil, sugar and salt. These factors will affect the detection sensitivity. The AT gold inspection machine can automatically learn and compensate. The influence of these factors is minimized

3. The nose is solid, and the weight is generally twice that of other countries' models. The advantages are:

1) Coil stability: If the coil is offset by one hundred thousandths of a meter, the sensitivity will change and cause instability, which can be avoided by the AT metal separator and maintain long-term stability

2) Strong shock resistance: it can minimize the vibration factors on site and avoid misoperation

4. It has the ability to record the number of occurrences of metal impurities in the product and the attendance rate of operators, etc.

5. The product caliber size ranges from 50*50 to 1800*1000 hundreds of specifications, which can be matched with the original production line of the manufacturer to the greatest extent, and the sensitivity is high

6. Service life: AT gold inspection machine is almost not broken, only the circuit board will be damaged, but we have enough stock, can send it to you at any time, and it is easy to install

7. The equipment is easy to clean, except for the circuit board, other parts can be cleaned directly with water

8. The head of the AT metal separator is made of stainless steel and sandblasted, which will not cause the shell to fall off due to the external environment (humidity, pH, etc.)

Technical Parameters:

Shell material: low carbon steel plate (grey paint)

Controller: MSG3.4K

Working voltage: 120-240 volts AC (+/-10%), 50/60 Hz, 1.6 ampere fuse

Parts in contact with raw materials: 304 stainless steel, aluminum, PP plastic and polytetrafluoroethylene

Compressed air: 5-8 kg, 6-8 mm hose connection

Air consumption: 0.4 liters per separation action

Separation time: 0.05-29 seconds adjustable

Detection accuracy: adjustable; protection level: IP55

Usage: free fall material

Dumping height: no more than 500 mm; raw materials are dry, without long fibers, and granular

Raw material temperature: up to 80°C; ambient temperature: -10/60°C