Product Analysis Of Baked Food Special Metal Detector Manufacturers

- May 05, 2019-

Bakery food, as its name implies, is made of flour and sugar. Because it contains certain moisture and sugar, it will cause certain material effects. Foods with different moisture and sugar contents have different material effects. The special metal detector for bakery food produced by Suzhou Otten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has set up accurate working frequency according to the characteristics of this kind of food. Rate, and the use of good equipment performance configuration such as automatic phase adjustment technology and self-balancing function to intelligently adjust the phase angle of detection, effectively suppress the material effect of the product, achieve good detection results. Here are a few examples to illustrate briefly:

Summary: Baked food is a kind of food which is based on wheat and other cereal powder. It is cooked through the process of hairdressing and high temperature baking. It is also called baked food. Although baked food has a wide range of varieties, different shapes and different flavors, it mainly includes bread, cakes, biscuits and other three categories of products. Specific classifications generally include pulp and double-linen mooncakes, mixed-sugar mooncakes such as Cantonese style, biscuits such as maxiang cakes and Gaoqiao bocakes, crisps such as almond crisp and sugar crisp, cakes such as Lama cakes and square cakes, fried cakes such as Mahua and Shaqima, of course, there are other categories such as mung bean cakes, Lantern Festival, various cakes and so on.

Application examples:

1. Mooncakes products can be inspected on-line or in revolving boxes. On-line inspections can be adapted and customized according to customers'existing conveyor lines. On-line separate inspectors can also be equipped with conveyor metal inspectors at the middle or end of the production line. What we have developed is special food metal detectors. Excellent, after years of market testing, it can completely achieve good detection results; but if it is moon cake filling, it can also be tested before packaging or after packaging, which can meet certain prevention and control requirements;

2. Biscuit products, in general, provide special metal detectors for wide biscuits. Considering that biscuits need to be tidied up and packed in boxes, we have a special design on knife edge connection and expansion exclusion. We can use bulk material testing or post-packaging testing. Equipment size can be customized according to customer needs. All non-aluminium foil packaging can be used. Metal detectors, aluminum foil packaging can only use special metal detection machine for aluminum foil packaging, the product effect of biscuits is small, the detection sensitivity is still very high;

3. Bread products usually provide on-line bulk material testing, weekly packing testing, and post-packaging testing. Specific equipment sizes are customized according to actual needs. Our equipment is equipped with advanced automatic adjusting rate and phase technology, which can effectively avoid the interference of material effects and achieve good test results.

After many years of operation, we have accumulated a lot of customer resources at home and abroad, relying on the principle of quality updating, integrity first and customer first. The number of customer resources is huge, such as Binbao, Bakery Road abroad, Yuhua Food, Yuanzu Food, Yimin Food and so on, and relying on the support of customers and friends, Nantong Yingfeng Manufacturing Factory has gradually become out of the same industry. Outstanding, become the industry to provide products and equipment of the most complete variety, the most advanced technology, the most perfect application program, the best testing performance manufacturers, after years of testing, product quality has been widely praised and recognized by customers.