Problems To Be Considered In Selecting Intelligent Channel Turnstile Gate

- Mar 30, 2018-

Problems to be considered in selecting intelligent Channel turnstile gate


Now, in a lot of areas, factories, workshops and office buildings, and so on, we will see the shadow of the gate. They have become an essential part of our security and attendance management system. So, how do we choose the suitable bairrer gate on the premise of installing the Channel turnstile gate?


Problems to be considered in selecting intelligent Channel gate

1. the number and flow of the brake machine;

2. site use environment of brake machine;

3. the special functions that need to be realized.

4. users' use requirements;

Consideration of the beauty of the barrier gate

The half angel is used by the sea city. The three rollers of the ordinary shell material and the spray paint and spray are carefully used. The import or higher level is better; at least 304 stainless steel.

Consider the speed of use. Prevent a long wait

The speed of the tripod turnstile is 20-25 per minute. It is calculated according to 20 persons / minutes; the actual time depends on the use habit and the response time of the access control system. Ensure that there is no conflict between the import and export.

Consider the frequency of the use of the brake.

The gates of scenic spots will be used in different time periods of the day, and the difference between factories and scenic spots in the frequency of use of gates is the most frequent. The use frequency of rush hour will be close to 100% if 5 three rollers gate are used. If the 100% frequency machine is used. But if 40% frequency devices are used, five devices can be met. We need more than 13 units; play the right role. The suitable product is used in the right place. Reduce equipment maintenance and updating of the future cost.