Problems Often Encountered By Fully Automatic Tripod Turnstile Gate

- Apr 20, 2018-

Problems often encountered by fully automatic tripod turnstile gate


Fully automatic three roller gate, which is used by many places, is an entry and exit personnel identification terminal equipment. Generally speaking, fully automatic tripod turnstile gates are located in crowded places, and they need to run at all times. Therefore, once the maintenance is improper, or because of the cause of abortion, it is easy to have some problems. Today, we have to know about Suzhou by Aoteng personnel, operation, often encounter problems.

Problems often encountered by fully automatic three roll door


Full automatic three roller brake has exceptional failure and maintenance function. The automatic three roller brake is no exception.


The following are some common automatic three roller gates failure handling and maintenance of any kind of machine failure.


The automatic three roller brake can't lift the rod. If this happens, then the electricity will be turned on.

Turn the lever down and then lift it up. If not, open the cover of the brake and check if the device is falling off.

Moreover, it is to check whether the electromagnet is damaged or not. If there is any problem, change the electromagnetism as soon as possible.

After carrying out the rinse card or conduct the ticket checking behavior, the application of the fully automatic three roller gate operator.


It is also common to pass several people in a continuous way. If this is the case, first check whether the induction screws near the switch or close to the switch bracket are loosened. Normally, when a person passes, the induction lamp near the switch will shine. If the light is not bright, some testing instruments are used to check whether the power supply near the switch is normal, if the power is working normally, it needs to be replaced close fast, so that the close switch is not bad.


If the electromagnet is not automatically reset when the person is passing through, the electromagnet is unloaded and the foreign object appears carefully. If the foreign body is found in the electromagnet, it can be quickly cleaned up. If no foreign object is found, the spring strength of the inner part of the electromagnet can be increased, but attention should be paid to it. One point is that the spring strength can not exceed its elastic limit, otherwise, there will be a problem that the electromagnet can not absorb the problem, such as if the turntable swinging up and down, the use of the full automatic three rollers. Basically, there are loose screws on the pallet screws, so that the three roller brake can be fully automated, and the failure and maintenance functions are fully automatic. The automatic three roller brake manufacturers.


The problems that are often encountered in the automatic three - roll gate. From the introduction of Suzhou above, we will find that fully automatic three roller gates are necessary for many customers. Therefore, if you have any questions, you can consult our staff. They will give you the most appropriate reply. Counseling hotline: 013656250456