Primary And Secondary School Security Inspection First

- Mar 09, 2018-

Primary and secondary school security inspection first


With the end of the summer vacation, the students began to return to school and start a new round of study. At the beginning of school, the security problem is not to be ignored in every school. To this end, schools all over the country

With some of the security measures, the school installed walk through metal detectors security doors,hand held metal detectors, buy some forks, batons for security personnel.


Fujian Provincial Department of education yesterday issued a notice requiring all schools to secure security before the start of school to ensure the smooth opening of school. As of now, the province's primary and secondary school kindergarten security and defense equipment equipped with has reached 100%, 99% of the schools set up security agencies, equipped with part-time security cadres, more than 86.7% of the city center and school has been at the school gate and campus key parts of the installation of video and alarm facilities.


Notice requirements of schools, to avoid the occurrence of campus violence. Schools should conduct a teacher and student risk avoidance training in the next week and Freshmen's military training to enhance students' sense of danger and self-help and guard consciousness, re register school buses, repair vehicles, and cooperate with traffic police departments to crack down on black school buses.


The notice emphasized that every school should conduct a dragnet type large investigation before starting school, focusing on checking the dormitory fire facilities, evacuation passages and emergency devices, so as to prevent accidents. And promote the reconstruction and reconstruction work of the disaster affected school buildings, ensure that the school buildings and ancillary facilities that need reinforcement and maintenance are basically completed by the end of this year, and the school buildings need to be rebuilt will be basically completed by next May.