Precautions For Intelligent Under Vehicles Inspection Mirror

- Feb 07, 2018-

Precautions for intelligent under vehicles inspection mirror 


The use of video vehicle inspection instrument is very wide, station, dock, checkpoint will be used, so with the development of science and technology, check the vehicle is not like before a car and a car stop to check, at present there are two kinds of vehicle inspection, a fixed and a mobile vehicle check, so today we explain models Suzhou aoteng electronic technology limited company of intelligent video vehicle detector: AT-9008 as belows:


Please read the instructions carefully before use

(1) please do not use this product in a very humid, very cold, and overheated place, which will affect the product.

(2) no heavy fall to the product

(3) ask the operator to backup the data in SD card at any time. Please don't force the card to pull out when working on SD card, which will damage the instrument and SD card.

(4) please turn on the power supply after all parts are connected. After the power is opened, the display and DVR will start in 5 seconds.

(5) adjust the brightness of LED and other light source, make the image achieve the best effect, adjust the brightness, chromaticity and contrast in the display, so that the display effect is better.

(6) if you want to watch with a large screen, please connect the video output to the input of the large display.

(7) please install the fuse before use, please use the same type of fuse (F3A250V).

(8) after the use of the equipment, we must clean up the equipment and wipe off the stolen goods.