Postal Express Industry Is A Scattered Large Civil Market For Security Equipment

- Jun 27, 2019-

Postal Express Industry is a scattered large civil market for security equipment


With the rapid development of e-commerce, postal express industry has become an important part of modern service industry. With the rapid development of the postal express industry, the security of express delivery has gradually become a social concern. In recent years, China's postal express industry has developed rapidly. In 2014, China's postal express business ranked first in the world; in 2017, China's postal express business exceeded 40 billion pieces. Such a huge volume of postal express business, if we do not use security equipment to carry out "security inspection" on express parcels, will inevitably bring huge security risks. Therefore, the state stipulates that postal express enterprises should configure security inspection equipment in mail and express processing places in accordance with relevant regulations, and meet the relevant technical requirements: the security inspection equipment used should meet the requirements specified in the series of standards of "Micro-dose X-ray Safety Inspection Equipment" (GB 15208), in which the penetration of equipment should meet the requirements of category A and above. And the requirement, express delivery must be 100% security check.

At present, five large-scale express companies, including Zhongtong, Yunda and Yuantong, have equipped with large-scale X-ray security inspection machines, which makes the post express industry "scattered among the people" a large civil market for security inspection equipment.