Portable X-ray Machine

- Nov 30, 2017-

Portable X-ray machine is mainly divided into one machine and split machine two categories; one machine captain usually in the 50-70cm, the machine is equipped with a hand-held design, work on the plane, the machine at both ends of the launch and receive X-ray, after processing by the machine a section of the image intensifier observation. For some high-end digital portable X-ray machines can usually be used for AV video output or USB output connection computer processing or connection printer printing. This kind of all-in-one machine can use special suitcase to carry when not in use, another kind of machine is used for industrial inspection industry (industrial examination X-ray machine), put the machine on the two ends of the horizontal plane or the special workbench to inspect the products, the volume is relatively larger than the one.

Medical portable X-ray machine
Medical portable X-ray machines are also known as medical portable X-ray machines or medical X-ray fluoroscopy. This type of X-ray machine is suitable for medical use, mainly used in clinics, township hospitals, athletes training departments and schools and other departments. Because of its low cost, low X-ray dosage (high security), simple operation, small size, most of the computer can be connected to deal with printing, etc., to meet the large-scale X-ray machine equipment of the medical institutions of the gap, by many medical industry and workers of all ages.

Industrial testing X-ray machine
Industrial inspection for industrial sector X-ray machine, such portable X-ray machine can detect various industrial components, electronic components, internal circuit. For example, socket plug rubber internal wiring connection, diode internal welding, such as detection. This kind of industrial testing portable X-ray machine provides an excellent solution for the field of home appliance maintenance.