Pipeline Type Food Metal Detector Can Be Used In Pharmaceutical Industry

- Feb 21, 2020-

Pipeline type food metal detector can be used in pharmaceutical industry

The pipeline type food metal detector has been widely used in the safety monitoring of food production and processing fields (metal impurities, including impurities, debris, blades, etc.), in addition, it can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, as consumers (end users) are increasingly aware of the quality of the products they use, as well as the GMP (GMP) certification requirements formulated by the pharmaceutical industry around the world, relevant regulations are made for the online detection equipment (key point control) of the production enterprises in this field. This paper focuses on the online metal detection equipment applied in the pharmaceutical industry, Let's discuss with you.


We know that in the pharmaceutical field, pharmaceutical manufacturers can produce a series of products, including tablets, capsules, pills, syrup, reagents, etc. for the first three, generally, they can use the tablet capsule metal detector to detect and separate the metal foreign matters (there is an automatic exclusion device integrated inside), but for the liquid state of syrup, reagents, etc., it is incompetent Force. Therefore, it is necessary to use the model suitable for the detection of fluid products, and the pipeline type metal detector just conforms to this point.

So why use the food metal detector? This is because in modern pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises, the personnel intensive form of operation has been eliminated and replaced by a large number of high-tech processing equipment. Formally, in the process of assembly line production and processing, due to the lack of personnel, it is impossible to check every detail and step in the drug manufacturing process manually. Moreover, with the further acceleration of the production speed, even the large number of personnel can not keep up with such a fast pace, so it is often caused by various reasons such as equipment wear, artificial negligence, etc., resulting in the mixing of metal pollutants such as metal powder (debris), particles, amorphous debris into the products, which brings great danger to the safety of drugs.

On the one hand, the use of the pipeline type food metal detector can help the production enterprises of the pharmaceutical industry to meet the GMP and other certification standards, on the other hand, it can avoid the mixed metal drugs flowing to the market, protect the reputation of the enterprise, reduce the risk of consumer complaints, and maintain a good reputation of the products. Therefore, the metal detector equipment has become a necessary machine for pharmaceutical enterprises. It can monitor the products online and automatically remove them, so as to eliminate the existence of these products containing metal foreign matters.