Pedestrian Access Gates Are A Must For Smart Communities

- Mar 13, 2020-

Pedestrian access gates are a must for smart communities

The residential area is a residential area where people live and live in the city. If the construction of information equipment is backward, it will not only bring difficulties to the management committee and the property, but also cause problems to the lives of the residents. In order to provide residents with a safe, convenient and comfortable living environment, the community will be built into an intelligent and advanced residence where people live and live in peace, and modern intelligent communities will be constructed through advanced information technology.

Each community will have a variety of management and architectural characteristics. To build an intelligent community, you need to target the characteristics of the community and complete the construction in combination with the required functions. The actual research and the development trend of information technology will determine the wisdom of construction Community service content. Intelligent communities will include: community car access brake systems, community pedestrian access gate systems, community video systems, video intercom systems, old and young communication systems, short message systems, consumer systems, and more. Build an intelligent community, and build a comprehensive digital information community within the community.


In view of the characteristics of large pedestrian flow and difficult management in the gate of the residential area, an intelligent pedestrian gate management solution is proposed. The system uses smart card technology, radio frequency electronic tag (RFID) technology, fingerprint identification access control, alarm output and other functions to achieve humanized and intelligent access control, which solves the problem of access control management for community personnel.

    People in and out of the area can come in and out by swiping a card or finger print. They can also use the mobile phone's (NFC) capabilities to get in and out. In order to realize the identity management of the people, the pedestrian access door at the door of the community can be selected according to the actual characteristics of the community: three roller gates, or wing gates, swing gates, turn gates and other gate passages of different shapes.

Community access gate advantages:

    1. Enhance personal safety and property;

    2. Entrance and exit management can reduce security management costs;

    3. Effectively control the real-time records of incoming and outgoing personnel, and find out problems in time;

    4. Prevent potential hidden dangers and change the passive defense of other security systems into active control;

    5. Improve the community level; Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and production of three-roller gates, anti-collision swing gates and wing gates.