Parameters Of Full Height Turnstile Gate

- Mar 02, 2018-

Full height brake parameters.


Chassis information: national standard 304 stainless steel frame construction.

Structure: frame construction/fine section 304 stainless steel pipe.

Box scale: L2300*W1450*H2300 (mm)

Swing arm length: 600mm.

Component: about 200 kg/single.

Swing arm transmission viewpoint: 90 degrees.

Swing direction: one - way or two - way.

Power supply voltage: AC220 + + 10% V,50HZ.

Drive motor: dc electromagnet 30W/24V.

Input interface: relay switch signal or RS485 level signal.

Gate opening and closing time: 1-2 seconds.

Working environment: indoor and outdoor (with rain rack)

Communication control interface: TCP/IP communication, RS485 specification (customized)

Normal service life: 5 million times.

Humidity: 5% - 5%

Sensor card reading card size: equipped with standard device holder, or customized.

Opening time: 0.2 seconds.

Speed: 30 people/minute.

Communication interface: standard TCP/IP communication.

Input interface: dry contact signal or +12V level signal or pulse width is greater than 100ms with DC12V pulse signal, driving current is greater than 10mA;

Working environment: indoor and outdoor (shaded)

Temperature: 15 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Relative humidity: less than 90%, no condensation.