Operating Principle And Function Of Tablet Metal Detector

- May 17, 2019-

In recent years, with the refinement of product quality inspection, raw materials from hoppers or feeders fall freely into the tablet metal detector. If there is no metal impurity, raw materials will flow directly through the tablet metal detector to the lower end of the export.


1. Reduce production costs while improving production efficiency.

2. Improve the quality of plastic products. The reduction of waste makes full use of raw materials.

3. Prevent customers from being hurt, so as to prevent companies from losing credibility and avoid injury claims.

4. Protect equipment such as tablet feeding from metal impurities in granules

5. Prevent damage to dies, hot nozzles and valves.

6. Reduce equipment failure and shutdown time caused by blockage of solution filters and nozzles

If the metal detector detects the metal in the raw material, the metal particles will change the high frequency electromagnetic field generated by the original detection coil, control the computer to calculate the signal, and provide the pulse signal to the solenoid valve and cylinder of the dismantling device. The e-cylinder immediately starts the removal plate, and guides the metal particles and some raw materials to the discharge side. Then, the turning plate is quickly restored to its normal position, eliminating the speed of the steering plate.