Notes For The Use Of Underground Metal Detectors!

- Aug 27, 2019-

When we use underground metal detectors, we often encounter noise, false alarm and inaccurate detection. These are related to the environment and use methods of detectors. Different detection environments have different effects on their detection effect. Only through practice can you really grasp how to use them correctly. The following section illustrates how detectors can be used in special environments and some problems that should be paid attention to in their use.


1. Please do not use indoors. Because many household appliances in the room will emit electromagnetic waves to the detector. At the same time, there will be metal or metal components (such as steel keel, circuit, etc.) under the floor, above the ceiling and inside the wall, which will affect the detector. If you want to test indoors, the first is to reduce sensitivity; the second is to stay away from household appliances and keep a certain distance from the floor, ceiling and wall.

2. If there are two machines working at the same time in the area you are detecting, and the distance is relatively close, they may cause interference with each other (because the instrument itself is a metal structure or contains metal objects, which will affect each other), in this case, the sensitivity of the detector can be reduced, or one of the two detectors can be made. Keep a certain distance between them.

3. If you are exploring lawns at home, lawns in residential areas, parks in urban areas and open areas in suburbs, you need to pay attention to the interference of outdoor metal objects, because there are a lot of radio and magnetic interference in the area you are exploring, which is generally caused by radio, television, electrical equipment and wires. To reduce these interferences, the sensitivity of the detector can generally be reduced, or it can be far away from these interferences.

4. Special attention should be paid to detecting or testing in high mineralized and wet sandy environments. In this environment, the use of detectors is vulnerable to "mineralization reaction", which results in the interference of its accuracy and stability, resulting in false alarm and noise of the instrument. In order to reduce these impacts, the balance function of the detector can be used first, and the sensitivity of the detector can be reduced and the distance between the detecting disk and the ground can be improved.


Above are some matters needing attention when using underground metal detectors in different indoor and outdoor environments brought by Xiaobian. If you have any questions in the process of using the detectors, you are welcome to leave a message for me. Xiaobian will reply to you at the first time.