New Technology And Speed Of Face Recognition Turnstile Gate

- Jan 28, 2020-

New technology and speed of face recognition turnstile gate

With the acceleration of urbanization, the rapid development of transportation, the continuous acceleration of urban road construction, the acceleration of mobility and complexity of personnel, the safety service and management of stations, airports, scenic spots and other places are also facing great challenges. Based on this, the way of manual troubleshooting and analysis is inevitable to miss the situation. The face recognition gate system has a good dynamic capture and matching recognition ability. In the fields of anti-terrorism, stability maintenance, target personnel pursuit and exit security, through fast and efficient non-contact face recognition, the ability of fast capture and recognition of personnel in and out of key focus areas or places can be realized, providing strong technical support and data support for personnel management and monitoring in public places, and improving the access security service in public places more efficiently and effectively Power.


Recently, the 11th golden week has brought a large-scale travel demand, and compared with the past, the efficiency improvement brought by technology is more deeply affecting people's travel experience. From manual check-in of train to "brush face" of high-speed railway, from queuing for ticket purchase of subway to code scanning and brush face entering the station, from cash to "no sense payment", real name verification of face recognition turnstile gate machine, no need for queuing for ticket collection, no need for manual attendance and check-in, which will increase the traffic efficiency of scenic spots and stations by at least 10 times, and realize "no sense brush face" entering the station This is the "new speed" of science and technology, and also the "new speed" of China

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