New Portable Explosive Drug Detector

- Jul 26, 2019-

In recent years, terrorist incidents caused by Concealed Explosives by terrorists have occurred repeatedly all over the world. The detection of hidden explosives has attracted more and more attention from various countries. However, with the miniaturization, precision and concentration of explosives, explosives become more and more hidden. On the other hand, subway, airport, station and other places have higher requirements on the efficiency of personnel flow. How to detect hidden explosives quickly and efficiently has become a problem for safety management departments.


Suzhou Aoteng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a kind of detector: "Ion Migration Spectrum" detector, which is a new portable explosive drug detector. It can identify the odor by "smelling". The explosive detector of this detector can not only detect explosives at the level of nanogram, but also quickly detect them. Trace explosives are widely used in metro, airport, station, large conference, exhibition hall and other public safety places. In the specific detection of human body, only need to close the equipment to the human body's coat, and simply pat its clothes, the amount of samples collected is enough to accurately determine whether there are hidden explosives, and the operation is simple and fast.

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