Multiple Sets Of AOTENG AT-600C walk through Security Gates Are Used In Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station

- Jul 17, 2019-

Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station uses many sets of AOTENG security equipment, replacing all the Garrett metal detector security gates imported from the United States with those developed and manufactured by AOTENG brand - China.

Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station was the second large commercial nuclear power plant decided by the State Council when the first unit of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station was successfully put into operation in February 1994. Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station plans to build 4 MW PWR units.


In the first phase, two nuclear power plants will be constructed, using the technical duplication and improvement scheme of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station. In the process of construction, efforts have been made to increase the degree of autonomy and localization, and the autonomy of construction and security has been realized. The main contractors are all assumed by the Chinese units.

On January 30, 2012, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations Management Co., Ltd. took the initiative to disclose a recent level 0 incident of Unit 3 of Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station through its website.


Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station Phase II is the third large commercial nuclear power plant under construction after Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station and Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station Phase I. The project plans to build two MW PWR nuclear power units. In March 2004, Ling'ao Phase II was listed as the national nuclear power autonomy support project; in July 2004, the State Council approved the construction; in December 2005, the formal start-up; two units were completed and put into commercial operation on July 15, 2010 and August 7, 2011, respectively.

The nuclear island and related design of Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station Phase II project are contracted by the Second Research and Design Institute of China Nuclear Power Group, and the main circuit design of the nuclear island is undertaken by China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute of China Nuclear Power Group. Through the construction of Ling'ao Phase II Project, China will speed up the comprehensive mastery of the second generation of improved MW nuclear power plant technology, basically form the capability of MW nuclear power plant design autonomy and equipment manufacturing localization, and lay a solid foundation for the introduction, digestion and absorption of the third generation of nuclear power technology at a high starting point.


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