Method Of Charging And Using Handheld Metal Detector

- Mar 06, 2018-

Method of charging and using handheld metal detector


We first use hand-held metal detectors, often use no electricity to charge, the charging process, some people wait in the hand-held metal detector charging one hour or two hours off, actually this is the wrong approach, each machine factory has strict standards, in order to make the instrument life is longer, then we should be in strict accordance with the instructions to do during use, today we bring the right hand held metal detector charging method and adjustment method are as follows;


1. turn on the power switch and hear the click, indicating that the power has been connected and the green light is on. If the green light does not show no battery or battery contact, such as continuous sound continuous or continuous vibration, indicating that the battery can not be reused, the new battery should be replaced.


2. sound and vibration switching switch selection: press the red button switch (10), the alarm mode is vibration. Release the red button switch (10), and the alarm mode is sound.


3., when the power is turned on, the high sensitivity can be detected. The handle is used to scan the detecting surface around the object. When the metal is present, it will send out the alarm sound or vibration. At the same time, the green light will turn into a red light. Stop detection, alarm, sound or vibration stop, red light turn green.


4. low sensitivity test: if you need to remove a small object in the metal, you can hold down the low sensitivity switch (7). When the metal is detected around the object, it will send out alarm, sound or vibration. At the same time, the green light will turn to a red light. Stop scanning, stop the sound or vibration, and turn the red light to the green light. Because the sensitivity is reduced by more than 5 times. So this is generally the larger metal.

It is believed that you can fully realize the correct charging mode and adjustment mode of the handheld metal detector through the above four points.