Metal Separator Docking Method

- Oct 02, 2020-

Metal separator docking method

1. Flange connection

Need to provide the customer's on-site pipe inner diameter and outer diameter, flange outer plate size and hole location requirements? The butt flange can be customized according to the specific situation of the customer's site (shape, size, butt hole position, flange thickness). The red part in the figure below is the butt flange.


2. Clamp butt joint

The clamp docking needs to provide the inner diameter and outer diameter of the customer's on-site storage hopper. The metal separator feed inlet has an additional section the same as the customer. With the clamp, it can be docked on site. The clamp link is convenient and beautiful ,As shown below:


3. Soft docking

Leave a little gap between the feed port of the metal separator and the discharge port on the customer site. The docking adopts food-grade hose or soft cloth strips. The feed port, discharge port and waste removal port of the metal separator can all be soft docked. , Soft connection quickly avoids vibration, as shown below:



1. If there is no vibration at the place where the site is docked with the metal separator, the equipment at the inlet and outlet is not vibrated, you can choose flange or clamp docking;

2. However, if there is vibration during the on-site docking, soft docking needs to be considered to reduce the interference caused by the vibration to the machine.