Measurement Distance And Detection Standard Of Handheld Metal Detector

- Jan 26, 2018-

Measurement distance and detection standard of handheld metal detector


Normally, a handheld metal detector measures the distance to 1-10CM, and more depends on the size, volume and direction of the actual measured objects, all of which affect the detection distance.


Handheld metal detectors have many varieties, different types of detection distance is not the same, Suzhou Altium Limited of the hand-held metal detectors are divided into AT-600S, AT-900S, AT-2000S, MD3000II, MD3003B1 and so on, we take the 600S model, if it is detected post like, 10CM certainly no problem, if it is to detect metal pins or the like, may be only 5CM distance,. Therefore, the detection distance of the hand-held metal detector is not absolute, and is affected by many factors.


Hand held metal detector test standard: a coin and a pin as the test standard