MD3000II International Standard Handheld Metal Detectors

- Mar 06, 2018-

MD3000II handheld metal detectors

MD3000II is a hand held metal detector with high sensitivity in metal detection. This product has been widely applied to almost all applications. Its classic appearance and durable characteristics are loved by buyers. Metal detection sensitivity is very high, widely used, valuable components, electronic factories commonly used this product. The product quality has reached the quality of the international frontline brands.


Main features:

1, ultra high sensitivity: detect pins, razor blades

2, strong anti-interference: in case of interference by adjusting button to eliminate interference

3. The scanning area is large: the detection can be completed quickly and accurately

4. The sensitivity is adjustable: the two alarm modes of sound and vibration

5, acousto-optic alarm: sound and light alarm display

6, start self inspection: the fault content will be displayed automatically when the system fails


Technical Parameter

1. Product material: black, seismic ABS plastic.
2.Alarm prompt: sound or vibration.A long tone and vibrato, voice alarm audio vibration alarm by continuous vibration and gaps.
3.Identify tip: long tone is black metal, tremolo for non-ferrous metal.Continuous vibration for ferrous metals, clearance vibration for non-ferrous metal.
4.Signal hint: more than 10 color LED display light signal according to the size of the metal content in proportion to render the signal.
5.The working instructions: while light is lit up, the color is blue.
6.Fault indicator: work light is not bright.
7.Power supply system: 9V dry battery or 9 v nimh batteries.
8.Protection grade: IP31
9.Working temperature: - 40  + 80
10.Relative humidity: 0-95%, without condensation.
11.Operating frequency: 16 KHZ
12.Product weight: 200g
13.Appearance size:  350 (L) x50(W)x 30 mm (H)
14.Packing standard: 25 units

In line with the GB 12899-12899 "technical specification for handheld metal detectors ", the ministry of public security inspection report and CE, ROHS standard.
Standard: with one section 9V dry battery , one straight type belt holster.

Product material: black, seismic ABS plastic.