Market Prospect Analysis Of China's Metal Detector Industry

- Dec 02, 2020-

In the past, product safety did not receive sufficient attention from manufacturers, and the development of the industry was relatively slow. In the past ten years, with my country’s economic development and the needs of export in the foreign trade market, the control of product quality has become more and more stringent. Brand establishment and reputation responsibility have led to increasing demand for product quality and safety prevention and control, and the metal detection industry has also experienced explosive development.

There are currently two main forms of metal detection equipment, one is a metal detection machine, and the other is an X-ray foreign body detection machine. The two are different in actual production applications and working principles. The metal detection machine mainly uses the principle of electromagnetic induction. When a product with a metal foreign body passes through the metal detection channel, it will sense and sound and light alarm and then remove the contaminated product in time, while the X-ray foreign body detector uses X-ray imaging technology to detect the foreign body in the product in time and alarm to clear it. The metal detector can only detect metal foreign objects, while the X-ray detector can not only detect metal foreign objects, but also other non-metal foreign objects such as stones, glass, bones, etc., and the application range is wider. However, the price of metal detectors is much cheaper than that of X-ray detectors. Merchants can make reasonable arrangements according to their own production needs and budget.


In recent years, the Chinese government has been promulgating a number of industry regulations to promote the development of the metal detection industry, to ensure that metal detection equipment can meet manufacturers’ compliance requirements for product safety, and to further promote the technical development of metal detection equipment manufacturers. The strengthening of strict control of product quality at the national level has also promoted the attention of manufacturers and increased the scale of application of metal detection equipment.

With the strong recovery of my country’s economy and the increasing demand for metal detection safety, manufacturers in various industries will also continue to invest in metal detection safety assurance. The driving force for industrial development is very strong, and multiple favorable factors will also promote my country’s metal detection industry. The market scale maintains a relatively rapid and rapid growth. It is predicted that my country's metal detection security industry has a good development prospect in 2021 and it is worth looking forward to.