Market Demand Pushes Intelligent Metal Detector Into A New Development Period

- Mar 19, 2020-

Intellectualization is considered to be the fourth industrial era after industrialization, electrification and informatization. For the metal detection industry, how to use the advantages of intelligent networking, IOT technology application and other technologies to develop the industry, how to use big data technology to promote the upgrading of equipment performance, how to effectively introduce the metal detection system of intelligent technology into the management system of the enterprise, and To play its role effectively is what our metal detection equipment manufacturers should consider.

The market has created demand. In recent years, with the rapid development of intelligent technology, the production enterprises of various industries recognize the application value of intelligent system, the advanced and operability of intelligent metal detection system. According to the sales data of the past two years, the intelligent metal detector has occupied more than half of the market share, which shows that the user has changed the purchase concept, not taking the price cost as the first factor to consider, but more combining with the actual needs of the enterprise to configure a better intelligent metal detection system, which is more conducive to the effective management of the enterprise. The application market of metal detection system is very large, which also brings a good market opportunity to metal detection equipment manufacturers, and also makes this field pay more attention to the development of technology. The continuous development and progress of intelligent technology is more important.


After the latest market research, by 2025, the application of metal detection system will basically enter the management system of various industries, and only intelligent equipment can be organically connected with the management system of enterprises. Therefore, the development of intelligent metal detection machine in the later period will be a major trend, and the old economic metal detection equipment will be eliminated soon. For metal detection equipment manufacturers, technology upgrading It is imperative, if we don't upgrade technology at this stage, it will soon disappear in the fierce market competition, especially for those small-scale processing enterprises.


Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service of metal detection equipment. It is a professional metal detector manufacturer, metal detection door manufacturer, X-ray machine manufacturer. The enterprise uses a lot of capital and manpower to develop new intelligent technology metal detection equipment. It strives for perfection and continuous development in the circuit board and software system of core technology We will deepen and strengthen the intelligent technology research and development of the equipment on this basis to create a better and updated metal detection equipment for users.