Market Application Of Throat Metal Separator

- Sep 09, 2020-

Market Application of Throat Metal Separator

Due to the fact that some metal film packaging products cannot be detected by the all-metal detector, snack food manufacturers need to make sure that no metal foreign matter is mixed in the product before packaging, and at the same time, the product cannot be exposed to the air. The three-dimensional throat metal separator can help companies solve this problem. It can be perfectly combined with a vertical bag making, filling and sealing machine to effectively detect all magnetic and non-magnetic metal foreign objects, so as to ensure that the product is clean before packaging. quality.

It is necessary to design different detection channels according to the size of the product. The corresponding channel size must be determined according to the output of the production line and the control of metal foreign body detection. The separation device of the metal detector adopts the internationally popular Y-shaped design, and the metal is detected. When foreign matter is found, the unqualified products will be automatically excluded from the waste channel. The qualified products will enter the next process such as the packaging machine through the vertical channel. Once the product is sealed and processed, it can safely enter the next link, which is more difficult than the finished metal film bag. The difficulty of detection, this kind of prevention and control before finished products is very effective and necessary.

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Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional metal separator manufacturer, metal detector manufacturer, and metal detector door manufacturer. We have equipped this metal separator with advanced metal detection technology, and the circuit board adopts self-developed high-speed signal processing. Sensors and photoelectric sensors, etc., adopt the LCD touch screen intelligent operating system, and are equipped with automatic phase adjustment technology. Some products with some product effects can also be effectively detected, which increases the scope of product adaptation, high detection sensitivity and good stability In addition, we can also provide the corresponding auxiliary equipment such as the feeding funnel, the fixing of the support frame, the design and installation of the sliding bracket, and the equipment training to ensure that the merchants can effectively use our equipment. Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The various metal detection systems provided by the company will be automatically integrated into the company's quality control system, thereby helping the company's products meet national and industry standards, and greatly improving the company's brand image.