Market Analysis Of Special Metal Detector For Aluminum Foil

- Dec 18, 2020-

You will often encounter some products in your life that are aluminum foil packaging, such as aluminum foil sealing cups, aluminum foil vacuum packaging bags, aluminum products, etc., so for these aluminum foil packaging or aluminum products, how do manufacturers prevent and control metal foreign bodies? ? After all, the aluminum foil itself is also metal. How to detect this? The following editor will take you to find out:

As the name suggests, the metal detector for aluminum foil packaging should be a device that can detect all metals except aluminum. But in China’s actual applications, this is not the case. The special metal detector for aluminum foil we saw is just an improved product of the needle detector. Some changes have been made in the frame structure and the metal detection material, such as the use of Stainless steel material, but the actual working principle is the same, that is to say, the magnetic field effect is still used, that is, when a ferromagnetic object enters the detection channel, the upper and lower probes generate signals through strong magnetic induction and send the signals to the signal receiving and processing integrated block , And then there are photoelectric instrument scanning induction, strong current integrated block, sensitivity control integrated block, signal receiving and output integrated block and actuators to complete the entire detection work. This equipment can still detect ferromagnetic metals, and cannot detect non-magnetic stainless steel, copper, zinc and other metals, so the limitations are still very large.


Currently in this field, only a few foreign imported brands have this technical capability. They have core metal signal processing and filtering technology. Using their unique and powerful software technology can effectively eliminate aluminum metal signals and accurately The ground analysis detects relatively small other non-aluminum metal foreign objects, and the solution to the application of aluminum foil packaging has also solved the practical difficulties for some manufacturers of aluminum foil packaging product applications, and its prospects are very broad.

As a professional manufacturer of metal detectors, metal detectors, and metal detectors, Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has always been at the forefront of the industry in technology research and development, and has been working on the research and development of special metal detectors for aluminum foil. , By constantly modifying and adjusting the software filtering system to achieve the greatest possible reduction in false alarms, and to maintain a high sensitivity level to detect the largest possible smallest metal contaminants, this is a brand new technology, we are constantly Carry out research and development and testing, hoping to enter the market as soon as possible.