Manufacturer Of Exclusive Metal Detector In Cold Drink Industry

- May 24, 2019-

Manufacturer of exclusive metal detector in cold drink industry


We know that metal detectors are used in various industries, such as food, chemical industry, medicine, plastics, rubber and so on. Today, I want you to know about the application of metal detector in cold food.

Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co Ltd is a famous metal detector manufacturer, metal detector manufacturer, metal detector manufacturer, etc. We have customized special metal detection equipment and cold food products according to the characteristics of cold food products. As the name implies, there is a certain amount of water in the product. For the product with high moisture content, we usually use low frequency working frequency, and use automatic phase adjustment technology to select the appropriate working phase angle to achieve the best detection effect. Generally speaking, the material effect of frozen drinks is smaller than that of liquid substances, so it is easier to detect.

Many well-known brands of ice cream manufacturers or similar drinks manufacturers generally use metal detectors to detect, to ensure that products do not contain metal foreign bodies endangering human health and safety before entering the market, but also to establish their own good brand value escort. SUZHOU AOTENG actively cooperates with various user units. Over the years, we have actively developed several corresponding circuit boards, equipped with more advanced functions, so as to improve the sensitivity and quality level of product detection more effectively, and accumulated a higher reputation in the industry. Choose AOTENG METAL DETECTOR, safe and reassuring.