Management System Of Prison Full High Turnstile Gate Machine

- Feb 08, 2018-

Management system of prison full high turnstile gate machine


The prison's security is more and more high, especially for monitoring regional prison and handle cash bank business and other places, trailing staff escaped, theft and robbery is one of the most common crime in prison, bank crime, which opens into the first door or inside the door in the counter staff after the criminals kidnapped staff rushed into the first door or counter crime.


Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, provides a simple and very effective security measures AB access control system for the linkage of such special places, can effectively prevent the occurrence of such by trailing crime, has been widely used in banks, prisons and other places of high security needs.


The prisoner escaped from the prison or death of non normal, usually criminals or by internal staff or staff the trailing stress field or access to places of escape from imprisonment for criminal activities, whether criminals take what kind of way, in order to escape or enter the scene, must go through a security door to two. The staff into the first door must be locked in accordance with the norms of the first door to enter the second door, such as entering the first door did not shut the door according to the requirements, employees will not be able to enter the second door, how to prevent the occurrence of crime, the key is how to control the safety door channel good access and will alarm quickly convey to the security department or the Department of public security.


The two gates in the full height gate system have the function of interlocking and linkage. When one door is opened, another door is locked. Only when two doors are closed, can we open one of the doors through authentication. At the same time, the establishment of a communication barrier between the AB gate buffer, with a detection alarm system and the linkage of video surveillance, trying to illegally through this area will reach the alarm system, not close to another door in advance in case of discovery of police intelligence, so as to further strengthen the occurrence of theft, trailing jailbreak.