Main Function Introduce Of Full Height Turnstile Barrier Gate

- Feb 08, 2018-

The prison as a special area demanding high safety factor, critical safety management mainly aimed at the prison gate, the dormitory door, each channel, activities such as control and management.


Main function introduce of full height turnstile barrier gate as belows:

1, double door two-way interlocking function, to enter the prison channel personnel to carry out effective iris recognition, through the two door, access to each door is required to carry out iris recognition and identity authentication, in which any door can not pass through illegal entry and exit behavior. A door opened, another door is locked; when the alarm occurs, emergency door button, two door locking and force detection system; when the alarm signal is generated at the same time, the two door forced closed, at this time no matter what measures could not open the door, only when the alarm is released, the prison control center through the management software to lift the closed door can be opened normally. It is safe and convenient to manage the privileges, the time of entry and entry and the entry mode through the management of the computer. It plays a double insurance role.

2, anti tailing Management: a buffer zone between the first gate and the second door is set up to enhance the control of personnel entry and exit and prevent trailing people from sneak in illegally. The first door must be in accordance with the provisions of the regional legal (defined by the identification card passengers) buffer can open the second door, otherwise it will be after the capture of LED video surveillance alarm detector, double interlocking, which can not pass this way will greatly reduce the anti trailing import situation.


3, credit card camera function: in the buffer area personnel effectively brush card, the channel controller will automatically take the ability to capture the image picture, save bottom left in the crime management center database, while staying out of the camera to capture the image again stored in the central database, with the first grab shot image contrast, if all the information are management center staff before release.


4, the mobile detection alarm function: in order to further improve the anti tail function, between the AB gate channel of a buffer to install infrared microwave double check detector, to prevent the illegal stalker avoidance area through the buffer through the test, otherwise you will touch detection and alarm, access controller driver door lock, while driving video monitoring alarm, monitoring room personnel quickly accordingly, check the true identity of followers.


5, the anti stress function: when faced with an emergency prison staff may have been forced to open the door to release the prisoners hostage, the staff in this case in the card reader or the iris instrument input anti stress release code, the alarm signal has been through the channel controller to management center to release at the same time, inform the related person to prison ready to rescue.


6, setting time: 24 hours can be more than a curfew function (time can be set free), normally open or closed, open access card is valid, must be confirmed by the police officers on duty, manual open access release, this function can strengthen the security management measures from the time factor.


7, system self checking function: when the communication lines of natural or man-made deliberately caused by fault, damage the door body, a lock body, identification terminal abnormality, power-off controller, battery undervoltage condition management end will promptly produce the corresponding alarm signal, the staff quickly make the appropriate treatment.