Location Analysis Of Walk-through Metal Detector Security Door

- Feb 07, 2018-

Location analysis of walk-through metal detector security door


A, standby instructions:

Said in detecting working state (standby lamp is respectively on the left and right side of probe, standby lights have two states to be lit and unlit, light is green, in standby mode, does not shine in the alarm state (alarm indicator)


B, alarm location shows:

About the probe plate are evenly distributed with six / eight / ten group of accurate positioning of unique lights, 10 unique set of precise positioning lamp respectively 10 location, location display lamp with bright and bright two state, when the metal content detected by the examiner has reached or exceeded the set time at this time, the red alarm lights, if there are multiple alarm targets, each target location of the alarm lights are lit at the same time, there will be sirens (except for volume mute)


C, infrared sensor

When the power is turned on, the metal detector gate begins to work. When no man or object is passed through the metal detector door, the infrared sensor can effectively stop the false alarm. All metal detectors will cause false alarms due to some machine tools around them. It can avoid false alarm, increase throughput and count accurately. When a person passes the metal to detect the door, no matter any reason is caused by the alarm, the person passes through the door frame metal detector door or the handheld metal detector's inspection.