LianJian (China) Technology Co. Ltd. Repeatedly Buy Our Products Of Walk Through Security Doors

- Mar 24, 2018-

LianJian (China) Technology Co. Ltd. repeatedly buy our products of walk through metal detector security doors


LianJian (China) Technology Co. Ltd. to cooperate with our company since 2010, during the purchase of hundreds of pieces of walk-through security products like walk through metal detector,x-ray baggage security check machines,hand held metal detectors,turnstile gates etc.


LianJian (Chinese) Technology Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan based Polytron Technologies Inc in December 1999 in the Suzhou Industrial Park to set up a wholly-owned enterprises, a total investment of $204 million, covers an area of 97339 square meters (129800 square meters), the company put into production in April 2000, mainly engaged in ITO conductive glass, touch panel, liquid crystal light guide and TN, STN, CSTN TFT display module (LCD) and (LCM) research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, maintenance. At present, the small and medium sized TN, STN and CSTN LCD monitors and modules are mainly used in communication products, personal digital assistant, timepieces, instruments, business machines, calculators, car audio and electric toys.


The success of Suzhou aoteng electronic technology limited company is to pay more attention to product quality and customer service. Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. has always been adhering to the "quality first, integrity long" purpose, to provide quality products and services to users as their responsibility, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality standard system requirements, from the development, manufacturing and sales, customer service service in the whole process of the implementation of strict quality management and tracking service, basically eliminate all risks that may affect the quality of products and services, to provide high-quality, standardized, professional, personalized products and services for each user, become the leader Chinese security products!