LCD Touch Screen Food Metal Detector

- Sep 24, 2020-

LCD touch screen food metal detector


product description:

The touch-screen version of the conveying digital intelligent metal detector is an intelligent metal detection equipment developed by using digital intelligent technology. It realizes the full digitization and intelligence of metal detection technology. It has excellent performance and simple operation, which improves the production efficiency of enterprises. .


Scope of application:

Applicable to food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, clothing, rubber and plastics, toys, paper making, hygiene products, electronics, renewable resources and other industries and fields, used to detect metal shavings and broken needles mixed or lost in raw materials or products , Iron wire, lead, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel and other metal impurities.



1. The operating system adopts humanized and intelligent design, high-definition 7-inch touch screen, intuitive and convenient. The interface is easy to operate, convenient for staff to operate easily and intuitively, and effective information can be obtained without complicated operations;

2. It has a one-key self-learning function, only need to pass the detected product through the detection channel once according to the set procedure, and the product parameters can be automatically and accurately set and memorized, without manual adjustment, and the operation is very simple;

3. With user access log and test log data storage and display. The total number of products produced and the number of inspections are statistically stored. The main interface can separately display the total number of production, the data of qualified and defective products, the date perpetual calendar, and the log can be traced;

4. Unique detection signal strength display, which can clearly reflect the signal size of metal foreign bodies in the product;

5. With more than 200 kinds of product parameter memory function, it can store the detection parameters of more than 200 kinds of products. After setting and storing once, it can be recalled next time without adjustment. Ability to quickly convert products on the production line;

6. It has automatic fault detection and prompting functions when starting up, which can effectively prevent invalid detection;

7. Many languages such as Chinese and English are available;

8. The probe part is made of unique materials and production technology, with high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, stable performance, and a service life of more than 10 years;

9. The whole machine adopts modular design and assembly, simple assembly, debugging and disassembly, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost;

10. It can be customized according to the size, weight and product characteristics of the tested product to achieve the detection effect;

11. According to the characteristics of the production line, various supporting automatic conveying, rejection and control systems can be customized to achieve seamless connection with the production line and improve production efficiency;

12. Waterproof, dustproof, vibrationproof and explosion-proof customization can be made according to the environment and safety requirements of the production site to ensure the safe use of equipment.