Knowledge Of Elimination Method Of Intelligent Weighing Machine

- Aug 28, 2019-

Intelligent weighing equipment weighing machine is widely used in food, medicine, logistics, daily chemical light industry, industrial manufacturing, printing and other industries. Dynamic weighing machine can improve production efficiency and reliability consistency of weighing. It can replace manual weighing, be used for automatic assembly line product detection and classification, and also can be used after product packaging. Detection of multiple and missing parts


According to the situation of the products, different articles have different ways of eliminating them.

Push rod type is suitable for heavy articles, such as: large cartons, milk boxes, beverage boxes, metal parts boxes, etc.

Dial rod type is suitable for slightly heavy and not easily damaged items, such as meat, fish, filling food, etc.

Air-blown type is suitable for lighter and regular items, such as medicines, instant noodles, paper rolls, hardware, etc.

On-line weighing machine with intelligent weighing equipment can save cost and increase product profit.

An intelligent weighing device with good precision settings can minimize product weight deviation, reduce waste, and ensure that more products are produced under the condition of constant use of raw materials.


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