Key Points Of Maintenance Of Archway Metal Detector Gate

- Nov 25, 2019-

We are familiar with the archway metal detector gate, which is a common inspection facility. It is widely used in aviation, subway, station and other fields. The editor will introduce the key points of the daily maintenance of door frame metal detector. Details of the key points of maintenance of archway metal detector :


1. First, you can use a wet cloth to wipe the stains on the door surface.

2. Oil stains and stains that are difficult to clean can be wiped with Tianna water, alcohol and wiper water.

3. It needs to shut down for more than 2 hours every day to prevent overheating of long-term working parts and reduce performance.

4. Except for rain proof door frame metal detector, other types of archway metal detector shall not rain, and canopy must be added when it is used in the open air.

5. No large metal objects can be found 1 meter around the arched metal detector such as safety doors, elevators and large iron pillars.

6. The archway metal detector must be fixed and reliable to avoid shaking caused by strong wind or collision.

7. Keep away from objects generated by magnetic field, such as distribution box, motor equipment, etc.

The following is an overview of the key points of safety check gate maintenance. Xiaobian hopes that you can better apply it to practice after you understand it, and hope that you can use the archway metal detector correctly.