It Is Imperative To Equip The Airport With Explosive Detector

- Dec 10, 2019-

It is imperative to equip the airport with explosive detector

It is reported that at about 15 p.m. on November 12, a firecracker exploded in T3 terminal of Shanghai Pudong airport.

According to the reporter, the incident happened in front of the check-in counter of terminal T2. There were fireworks and firecrackers carried by personnel, which were suspected of explosion of homemade explosives. Another witness said that an injured man had a wound on his neck, which could not be ruled out as suicide. But this statement has not been confirmed by local police.


The reporter learned from Pudong people's hospital that at present, the hospital has admitted 4 wounded people. Among them, a seriously injured man was sent to the hospital from 120 at 14:59. The injury was left lateral jugular vein transection, internal jugular vein injury and trachea disconnection. The hospital quickly launched the emergency measures, and the president personally organized the emergency plan, organized the surgery department and the emergency department to rescue more than 10 doctors; the other three wounded, two men and one woman, were all minor injuries.

Social public danger is everywhere. No matter how civilized the society is, a small number of people will hate the society and give up their lives. They will give up their lives and endanger public safety when their emotions are out of control. Therefore, in order to prevent the unexpected, important places such as airports, bus stations, subways, etc. should be equipped with security inspection facilities, among which explosive detector must be equipped. Because we know that the degree of harm of explosives is very high.