Is It Really Rewarding To Use Underground Metal Detectors To Search For Treasures In The Field?

- Dec 03, 2019-

Is it really rewarding to use underground metal detectors to search for treasures in the field?

In recent years, people often take metal detectors to the field to search for treasures. Underground is a place we can't see with the naked eye. Some treasures are buried in the ground for a long time, so many people will use the underground metal detectors to detect and find the forgotten treasures. Many detectors also emerge at the historic moment, and their prices vary greatly. There are hundreds of cheap ones, which are professional ones The tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of different prices also allow some people to take tools with them in their spare time to explore and search for treasures in some rural wilderness, river course and beach areas.

Most of the purchase of metal detectors is to report the state of mind of entertainment. When you are playing, you can take them out and explore them. Maybe you can detect some ancient coins. Some of them will hit the Universiade, reap some valuable ones, and some will encounter a pile of them. Although this rarely happens, if you are lucky, what can happen.


In addition to luck, it is also crucial to start with a good quality metal detector. Most metal detectors will give an alarm after sensing the metal, and some high-frequency and high-power detectors can penetrate many obstacles to reach a deep place, and indeed can accurately find some forgotten items. Some of them are personal interests and hobbies, and some are professional explorers. If they can't find them, it depends on the quality of the detector, the technology of personal operation and luck.

It seems that these treasure hunting activities have not been explicitly forbidden, but as underground objects, such as ancient tombs and cultural relics of high value, even if they are detected, it seems that they can not be excavated. Unless you want to eat free food and live in a house without money, although you have no worries for the rest of your life, freedom is no longer up-to-date. For such folk treasure hunting, it is also necessary to Do not violate local laws and regulations.

Gold in troubled times and antiques in prosperous times, with the booming of collection, the price of many old objects is also getting higher and higher. More and more people join in the exploration and treasure hunt. Naturally, some people find valuable dry goods, which will be followed by others. However, most people are still playing tickets, most of them are playing.