Introduction Of Vertical Swing Gate

- Mar 22, 2018-

Introduction of vertical swing gate


The vertical swing gate has the difference between automatic and manual operation. There are single core and double core. What are the special features of the swing passage gate on the product parameters and functions? It is worth mentioning that, because the swing gate can widen the width of the channel, it can be widely used by non motor vehicles and large suitcases.


The features of vertical swing gate function:


  • It has the function of self inspection and alarm, and it is convenient for users to protect and use them.

  • The operating condition of the programmable equipment through the built-in small press plate on the main control board;

  • The mechanical structure of anti pinch, anti bump function, in the difficult process of the swing arm reset when the motor active stop operation in the moment the rules, acquiescence delay again after reset (until reset), and the intensity is very small (less than 2Kg);

  • When the switching signal is not received, the swing arm is actively locked.

  • The swing arm is synchronously adjustable (for the double pendulum condition);

  • With the active reset function, the system will voluntarily cancel the permission of the user when the lock is opened and the system is not passed in the regular time.

  • The adjustment is often open or closed to satisfy the request of different places.

  • It can be connected with a variety of card reading equipment to receive relay switch signal operation.

  • One way, two-way swing function, one way or two direction control personnel import and export;

  • It can be directly handled by the computer to complete the long distance control and handling.

  • Delay active reset, the standard is 5 second active reset after opening.

  • The power swing arm, the active active were closed, with the fire request.

  • Sound (light) alarm function, including the illegal intrusion of the alarm, (reverse entry into the shutter); etc.;

  • Count function (optional);

  • Anti clamp function (bridge type 4 pairs of infrared optional);

  • Accurate logical judgment, infrared reset function (4 or 6 pairs of infrared);

  • Voice output, humanized prompt (optional).