Introduction Of The Extensible Function Of Several Swing Barrier Gate

- Feb 08, 2018-

The swing gate is mainly used for the management of the passage and entrance, and the general use only permits the people, the personnel of the towed luggage and the disabled people. The precise and stable production of the swing gate makes the floodgate safe, reliable and expansibility, because its width is variable, which provides convenience for the non motorized vehicle traffic. The following is the extension of several swing gate functions, look at it.


Active homing function of swing bake gate

After the end of the process, the swing brake rod is actively returned to the block zero position and does not contain the motor; after the legal traffic signal is given, the manual push rod is required.

Active reset function of swing turnstile gate and optional remote manual reset function


After the traffic signal is sent to the gate, no traffic is allowed at any time during the regular traffic hours. The system will actively block the zero position of the gate rehabilitation, cancel the traffic and do not count.

The system is abnormal or unlawful, which causes the brake rod not to return to block zero position. After overtaking the rules, the system will take the initiative to block the swing gate and stop the zero position.


Unlawful intrusion prevention function of swinging lock

Controlled traffic did not give legitimate traffic signals or prohibit the passage, forcibly push rod will be swinging gate illegal intrusion alarm system will take the initiative and ensure brake lever lock if it is in the passing process, the brake lever must have rotated view, strong reverse rotation brake rod will be regarded as the rotary traffic, system will take the initiative alarm and ensure brake lever lock.


The function of opening brake after power off :

When the system is cut off, the system will actively unlock the brake rod and form it into a free traffic form, which is convenient to disperse the crowd. It agrees with the fire request. When the device is on or restart, it will automatically detect whether the function is normal or not.

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