Introduction Of The Debugging Process Of The Speed Door

- Mar 19, 2018-

Introduction of the debugging process of the speed door


The speed gate is part of the entrance control system, which is one of the important parts of the modern entrance and exit control. The door wing is driven by the control system, automatically opens and closes, and the operation mode can be programmed by setting up. As long as the entrant is authorized, the door opens automatically. After the delay is closed, the time delay can be adjusted. Look at the following to see how to debug the speed gate.

The burning program is made up of jumper wire cap, short access speed door control panel J2, connecting serial communication line, and special ISP burning software, then the program can be written to the main chip. If the program fails during the burning process, it fails to burn repeatedly, and the test is singled out by 5V power.


After burning up the program, after pulling out the jumper cap and pressing the reset key and the operation procedure of the control panel, it is necessary to set up the initial speed and the viewpoint value through the serial port software.


Speed electric door control board, do not direct plug power supply board 24V DC electricity, electricity process is correct when no output voltage in the power supply board, 220V AC closed when plugged in all speed control on the connection line of the door, the final 220V AC power directly through the gate. Speed control board on the electric door. Do not directly unplug the power board 24V plug when the shutter is closed.


Set the speed through the door of the initial point of view and speed value, if it is a double speed through the door should be in good debugging unilateral speed through the door, two speed gate and debugging work form, if the two brake machine speed have obvious difference, can be used in debugging software properly adjusting the speed through the door parameters such as velocity, to try to reach the effect of synchronous operation.


Speed pass door's viewpoint and speed value are set up. In the future, swipe card test is going to have any error in quick access door motor. A opens the door to swipe card. The door of the main door should be rotating counterclockwise, indicating that the motor is turning correctly, otherwise, please turn the motor socket terminal direction.