Introduction Of The Application Field Of Human Channel Gate

- Apr 12, 2018-

Introduction of the application field of human channel gate


In today's society, our life is getting better and better. We pay more and more attention to security. Therefore, in many places, pedestrian gate way has become a necessary device. It can do well in security, personnel guidance, attendance and so on. Therefore, gates, such as offices, subways, schools, companies, factories and so on, have been widespread. Next, for various areas of the use of pedestrian gateway, we will take a look at the introduction of Suzhou below.


The application field of the channel brake is very wide. In view of the different application ways of the channel and gate products in different fields, the following series of applications are successfully developed.

Management of import and export channels for stations, wharfs, tourist attractions and factories.

Management of tickets for exhibition, swimming pool and so on

Import and export attendance, access control and consumption management in enterprises and institutions.

Special channel control

Scenic spots, parks, water park, hot spring holiday center, stadium, theater, theater, exhibition center, swimming hall, fitness club, skiing and skating field and other fields of electronic ticket sale ticket system;

Class A office building, Intelligent Building, star hotel, landmark building, factory enterprise, army barracks, state prisons, financial institutions, scientific research units, residential quarters, large community intelligent channel management system;

DVR video link channel control system is used for mining area, subway tunnel construction site and construction site.

The safe campus intelligent passageway system, the open barrier free access management system and the gate system of the university gate, University Library, university dormitory apartment.

Introduction of the application field of human channel gate. For the application fields of the pedestrian passageway gate, we probably know something from the introduction of Suzhou air technology and technology personnel. In this regard, the technical personnel of Suzhou air technology tell you, in the choice of channel gate, must be based on their own actual situation, choose suitable for their own sluice. Only in this way can we make the gate machine and management more smoothly. As a professional gate manufacturer, we sell products to all parts of the country. Customer satisfaction. It is your choice.