Introduction Of Handheld Metal Detectors

- Mar 06, 2018-

Introduction of handheld metal detectors

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Hand - held metal detector is designed to detect metal objects carried by a person or object. It can detect the weapons, explosives, or small pieces of metal carried in a package, luggage, letter, fabric, etc. carried by a person. The special appearance of its sensitive surface makes it easy to operate. Better than ring sensor hand probe. Ultra high sensitivity, special application. Such as prison, chip factory, archaeological research hospital and so on.


The hand held metal detector is used to check the specific location of the metal carried by human body, and also can be used in conjunction with the metal detecting door. When the "security door" alarm finds metal objects, the accurate location of metal objects can be found by the hand held metal detector.


Scope of application

It is used to find the exact position of various metals in the product or raw material, and can also be used to check all kinds of metal carried on the person.


Functional characteristics

1. The operation is simple and convenient.

2. The grip part is designed for anti-skid, so it is easy to work.

3, the operation is no direction - when the metal is detected, both the positive and negative Alert lamps can give a red light alarm

4, extremely low battery consumption - standby is zero current, working less than 1mA.

5, high accuracy and sensitivity - the accurate detection of minimal metal items (0.1g or even smaller).

6, the battery voltage prompts that the system continuously detects power, battery failure and voltage shortage. When the voltage is not enough, the red Alert will be lit when the voltage is not detected, indicating that the battery is replaced.

7, according to the size of the metal will produce different alarm tone, in a noisy environment can be connected to the earphone.