Introduction Of Functional Parameters Of Sliding Turnstile Gate Machine

- Mar 19, 2018-

Introduction of functional parameters of sliding turnstile gate machine


The function of slide gate is convenient and compatible with the use of IC card, ID card, bar code card, fingerprint and other card reader identification devices. It provides a civilized and orderly way for entry and exit personnel, and effective management personnel enter and exit. It can be widely applied to such occasions as stations, wharfs, subways, factories, buildings, intelligent communities, hotels, clubs, enterprises and institutions. Let's take a look at the details of the slide gate function and the sliding gate parameters.


Sliding gate machine function

1.With fault detection and alarm function, convenient maintenance and use of the user;

2.By the main control board according to the built-in small disc, running state of programmable devices;

3.The mechanical structure of - anti pinch, anti collision function, in the difficult process of the door body in the reset, within the prescribed period of time the motor stop working automatically, the default delay again after reset (until reset), and the intensity is very small (less than 2Kg);

4.The scour prevention function, in the absence of the received signal at the gate, the door automatically locked;

5. door synchronous adjustable (for double brake);

6.With automatic reset function, without traffic within the stipulated time, the system will automatically cancel the access permissions of users;

7.Adjustable normally closed or open, to meet the different requirements of the venue;

8.With a variety of card reading equipment hanging, receiving relay switch signal;

9. can be one-way or two-way control staff;

10.can directly realize the remote control and management through computer management;

11.Automatic reset - delay, open standard for 5 seconds after the automatic reset; switch, automatic open power automatically closed, conform to the requirements of.

13.(light) - sound alarm function, including illegal intrusion alarm, (in reverse gate); etc.;

14.Counting function (optional);

15.The antitrapping function (4 of infrared);

16.Logic judgment, infrared - accurate reset function (4 or 6 pairs of infrared);

17.The human speech output, suggesting the right pass (optional)).


Slide gate parameters


1. Case material: stainless steel GB SUS304

2. Box size: 1200*320*980 (mm)

3. When the channel width is less than or equal to 580mm.

4. When the door body: 240mm

5. This weight: gross weight 115 kg

6. After the inlet and outlet direction: one-way or two-way

7. When working voltage: AC220 + 10% V/50 + 10% HZ

8. When the drive motor: DC brush motor (24V)

9. After the input interface: 12V pulse signal dry contact signal or 12V signal or pulse width is larger than 100ms, the drive current is more than 10mA

10. Communication interface: TCP/IP communication

11. Pass speed: 40 / min (Chang Kai), 25-30 / min (normally closed)

12. When the gate opening and closing time: 1-2 seconds

13. This power into the traffic state of the required time: 3 seconds

14. It appears after the failure of automatic reset time: 10 seconds

15. When the working environment: indoor and outdoor (shade)

16. After the temperature of -16 DEG C - 60 DEG C relative humidity: less than 90%, no condensation