Introduction Of Four-bar High Rotary Turnstile Products

- Sep 19, 2019-

Four-bar full-height rotary turnstile gate, square top cover, single channel; rugged, safe and reliable, suitable for high security and unattended occasions.


Seiko manufacturing, the product shell is all made of stainless steel plate, the inner parts of the box are all made of stainless steel material or anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment, durable and anti-rust, strong resistance to destruction.

Manual push rod passes through, the gate rod rotates 90 /120 to complete one pass operation, running smoothly, without shaking, low noise, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

In the low temperature environment, the constant temperature system can be customized and installed in the equipment according to customer requirements.

It provides free control software and development package protocol for human-computer interface interaction, which is convenient for control and debugging, and has strong expansibility.

Functional description:

No motor is included; after the legitimate traffic signal is given, manual push rod is needed.

Automatic positioning function: After the end of the process, the brake rod automatically returns to the stop zero position.

Automatic reset function: (optional remote manual reset mode)

(1) When the legitimate traffic signal is given, no one will pass within the prescribed time (adjustable), and the system will automatically restore the brake to block zero, cancel the trip, and do not count;

(2) The abnormal or illegal passage of the system results in that the brake rod is not attributed to the blocking zero position, and the system automatically restores the brake to the blocking zero position after exceeding the specified time (adjustable).

Opening function of power failure: When power failure occurs, the system will automatically unlock the brake rod into a free mode, which is convenient for evacuating people and meets the requirements of fire protection (optional mode of power failure without unlocking and prohibiting traffic).

Anti-illegal intrusion function: When the controlled traffic is not given a legitimate traffic signal or prohibited, the forced push rod will be regarded as illegal intrusion, and the system will automatically alarm and ensure the lock of the brake rod.

Anti-reversal traffic function: In the course of traffic, after the brake has rotated at a certain angle, the strong reverse rotating brake will be regarded as reversal traffic, and the system will automatically alarm and ensure that the brake is locked.

Power-on self-check function: When the equipment is on power or restart, it will automatically detect whether the function is normal or not, and alarm will be prompted if abnormal is found.

Intelligent linkage alarm: including illegal intrusion, reversal of traffic, power-on self-check and other alarm, can be linked with other alarm monitoring equipment, and through software to set alarm mode and parameters.

Anti-collision function: When the brake is locked, it can not be driven by external force and can withstand the collision force within the safe range.

Emergency Escape Function: Equipped with emergency escape control device, the system automatically unlocks the brake rod into a free mode to facilitate the evacuation of the crowd (remote control).

Pass Indicator Function: Install LED at the top of the chassis to indicate the status and direction of passage (default)/Install LED indication at other locations (optional).

Memory function of traffic request: When more than two legitimate traffic signals are given at the same time (including the same direction and the opposite direction), the system will memorize all traffic requests and complete each action in turn (the number of memory and whether to choose memory function can be customized according to customer requirements).

Traffic restriction function: software can limit the number of people traveling to meet the special circumstances of personnel management.

Batch setting function: Batch setting and debugging of multiple gates can be done by software to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Traffic mode: The direction of entry and exit can be set independently as [controlled traffic]/[free traffic]/[prohibited traffic].

Working mode: Normally open/closed (default), can switch freely.

Compatibility: Configuration of dry contact signal output interface and wide threshold level signal input interface, compatible with all kinds of access controllers.

Structural parameters:

Box material: 304 stainless steel (default)/ 316 stainless steel (optional)

Box size: 1500 * 1350 * 2300 (mm) (basically customized size)

Plate thickness: 1.5mm (default) / 2.0mm (optional)

Surface treatment: wire drawing (default)/polishing (optional)/electroplating (optional)/paint (optional)

Rack material: 304 stainless steel (default)/ 316 stainless steel (optional)

Gate length: 500mm (default) / 700mm (maximum) (the length of the gate is limited by the horizontal space of the box, when the horizontal space of the box is increased, the length of the gate can be increased accordingly)

Outer diameter of brake rod: 38mm (default) / 48mm (maximum)

Maximum bearing capacity of brake rod: 85kg

Sluice Rotary Driving Force: 1kg

Technical parameters:

Power supply voltage: AC 220V/AC 85-230V

Working Voltage: DC 24V

Operating power consumption: 40W

Standby power consumption: 20W

Communication interface: 1 RS485 (default) / 2 RS232 (default) / CAN bus (optional) / Ethernet (optional)

Control input/output: 6-way switching output (12V and 24V dry contact signal)/4-way switching input (pulse width not less than 100ms, driving current not less than 10mA and high-low level difference value of 5-36V DC level signal)

Speed: 20 people/minute (normally closed mode) ~ 30 people/minute (normally open mode)

Working Temperature: - 20 ~60

Relative humidity: 0 - 95% (without condensation)

Working environment: indoor/outdoor

Average Number of Failure-free Operations (MCBF): 5 million

Mean repair time (MTTR): <30 minutes