Introduction Of Access Control System Of Turnstile Gate

- Jan 31, 2018-

Introduction of access control system


Access control is a new modern safety management system. It integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern safety management methods. It involves many new skills, such as electronics, machinery, optics, computer skills, communication skills and biological skills. It is a useful way to deal with the safety and safety management of the important part of the revenue and expenditure. It is applicable to various parts of the machine, such as bank, hotel, machine room, armory, machine room, workroom, intelligent district, factory and so on.


Access control system can manage the normal revenue and expenditure channels inside and outside the building. It can not only control the income and expenditure of the personnel, but also control the behavior of the personnel in the building and its related areas. It takes the place of the control effect of security personnel, door locks and walls. Access control skills can also be used in attendance management, parking management, logistics, capital flow management and so on.


The access control system can make the authorized personnel with useful identity (such as cards, password or human characteristics) to enter; for unauthorized personnel will reject it in, and alarm; to staff in a time period of balance of payments, the presence of personnel list materials such as the implementation of the calculation, query and print output.


The entrance control control system is generally composed of three levels of equipment. The bottom layer is a device directly dealing with people. Access control includes identification devices, such as card and reader, biologic identification device, secret code keyboard, etc., electronic door lock, export button, alarm sensor and alarm horn. The controller is used to accept the information of the relevant personnel sent by the underlying device, compare with the information stored in its own, and send out the processing information after the judgment. When the system is large, multiple small systems built by controllers and underlying devices are connected to the central control computer through communication bus, thus forming a large access control system.


The access control system will be in the upper door switch device to detect switch status of the door, the door can also go out device control button etc.. In the access control system, the general device has alarm devices. When there is an unacceptable revenue and expenditure, and the door is forced to open or hold the door open, it will be too long.