Introduction And Function Structure Of Flap Gates.

- Apr 14, 2018-

Introduction and function structure of flap gates.


The gate brake is widely applied and is also trusted by customers. Its beautiful appearance, comprehensive function and stable operation. However, many customers do not understand the specific problems of wing gates. Today, we will introduce and discuss the composition of flap gates.


Wing gate is mainly used in the management of pedestrian channel. It has the characteristics of fast opening, safety and convenience. It is an ideal management and dredging equipment for high frequency passageway of pedestrians. It has been widely used in airports, subway stations, stations, wharfs, scenic spots, parks, unit pedestrian channels and so on. It can be used with smart cards to realize the management system of the model. Functions, forming unattended management of personnel entry and exit.


The origin of the name of the flap gate

Basically made up of a host box and active wing board, the shape is like an eagle with wings and a famous wing gate; it has a blocking (dissuakable) function for unauthorized personnel, so it is also called a lock; the advantage is fast running, luxurious atmosphere, and the shortcoming is only a narrow passageway passing through the narrow passageway.


The function and component of the wing lock

It is mainly used for channel entry and exit management. The usual application places only allow people to pass through, or take away luggage, and handicapped people. Take into account the expansion characteristics of the flank. Most of the wing gate channels prohibit the passage of some fast vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, etc.


Common wing gate: outer frame, chassis, movement, wing arm, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment and other parts.


Brake flank: frame box, brake core, wing arm, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment and other parts (foreign mainstream configuration, more stable operation, less mechanical wear, longer service life, more stable brake).


The introduction and function structure of the wing barrier gate. For those problems of wing gates, we know something from the above introduction of Suzhou aoteng technology and technicians. Here, we Suzhou aoteng technical personnel to tell you, the choice of flank, must choose professional, regular manufacturers, so that can have more targeted gate, in the usual use, the role is greater. Otherwise, irregular machinery is not only easy to run but also easy to be corroded. After all, the regular body is 304 stainless steel. If you have doubts about wing gates, you can contact our staff, and they will give you specific answers.